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One of the best things about me is that I am completely drawn to these incredibly talented people. (You should see my wife’s illustration or calligraphy sometime, but that’s a different post.)

When Grisel and I became friends, I had NO IDEA that she was this gifted actress and singer. She was just a cool girl whose company I enjoyed. Then, while she was still here in LA, I got to see her perform, and got to see her utterly transform.

Art is a way to make your soul grow, to paraphrase Kurt Vonnegut, and I have been fortunate enough to see Grisel’s soul grow to gargantuan proportions. Her creative road has been a hard one, and she has been tempted to veer from it in the past, and if I’ve done her any good turn, it was to always urge her to doggedly pursue her artistic dreams.

Los Traques seems like a good place for her. More importantly, they SOUND like a good place for her.

I’m lucky to be able to share her talents, and now so are you.

Los Traques from El Paso Texas.  The lead singer Grisel is SO FUCKING TALENTED!  I loooove her voice.  She does an amazing rendition of La Llorna.  She rocks the shit out of any song.  

Sexuality, too, is fluid, and many people seem to struggle with this, to the point of being actively repulsed and confused by the idea that sexual orientation does not necessarily remain consistent throughout someone’s life. This attitude is harmful for those who do experience shifts in their sexual orientations, but it also stifles conversation and exploration, as people who may be confused about their sexuality who receive this kind of messaging may experience harm that takes years to undo—and in some cases, they may never recover, because they are never given an opportunity to learn who they are and be themselves.

Take, for example, the heterosexual woman who later develops an attraction to women, and begins to identify as bisexual or lesbian. She may have experienced this attraction throughout her life and not picked up on it—perhaps she didn’t meet the right woman, or she was living in a repressive environment where homosexuality was not accepted. Or maybe her sexual orientation actively shifted. The attitudes of those around her will be dismissive and unpleasant, as people attempt to erase both her past as a heterosexual and her present as a gay or bi woman.

Though her sexuality has shifted, she remains fundamentally the same woman. Her past history doesn’t magically vanish, and she may even look back on it with fondness or gratitude for the relationships she had. Likewise, people may move through other sexual orientations depending on circumstances, their current stage of life, and other factors; the asexual who later realizes he’s gay, the lesbian woman who develops a bisexual attraction.

Yes, Sexuality Changes, and Yes, That Is Okay | this ain’t livin’ (via brutereason)

**Sigh** story of my fluid yet silenced sexuality

(via seriouslyamerica)

So I haven’t been on Tumblr in quite a while.  I kinda jut forgot that I had it because I’ve been so busy.  I still love this place.  Kinda.  Today I received an email in the morning from Tumblr’s copyright infringement people and it seems that A YEAR AGO I reposted some pic without crediting the creator/owner/original blog that the pic came from.  I can tell you, I found the pic online and loved it so much I reposted it.  I never said it was mine or that I created it.  Also, they already deleted it from my Tumblr so I have no idea which pic it was.  So here is what I think.

1. the person obviously found me on Tumblr and so they could have just PM’d me and asked that I give the credit to them.  I would have been happy to do so.

2. I read the message they sent to Tumblr, and they asked that the image be removed from my page and not their page.  I just…come on.  What a fuck face.  ”It was reblogged without my permission.” Yes dumbfuck, I found it on the internet.  There was NO LINK back to YOU. NONE.   I would have given credit where credit was due.

3. I’m really annoyed by the whole, “you better credit me if you repost on Pinterest/Tumblr/Any internet page.”  It’s a bit annoying, ESPECIALLY on Pinterest because MANY of the ideas presented are not original and if I Pin the page on my board, it will obviously take a person back to the person’s webpage from which I pinned.  That seems to me like it’s credit enough. 

On Tumblr, I see this as a place to share images and whatever that one loves.  Again, I wouldn’t refuse to give credit where it is due, I would like to be given a chance.  I didn’t know it was such a HUGE deal.  For me, it was like having to hear a whiner cry that their image was being used on the internet “It’s MIIIINE, I only want it on MYYYYY page.”  Fuck you cry baby.  

Demian Dineyaz, you are a fucking whiny lil fucker.  

A letter from JP Morgan CEO To Gold Diggers


This might be the best thing I’ve seen in a while:

A reply from CEO of J.P. Morgan to a pretty girl seeking a rich husband

A young and pretty lady posted this on a popular forum:

Title: What should I do to marry a rich guy?

I’m going to be honest of what I’m going to say here.
I’m 25…

But I don't benefit from racism! And who does in the modern age?


The examples below are only illustrations of some of the ways people still benefit from racism:

  • Your name. If it sounds Irish, Polish, French, Spanish, Belgian, Norwegian — no problem. Our names, if they sound “black”, are often reasons to toss our resumes without even calling us. If we…

Who Was Throwing Spears Before Humans? : DNews